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App Development

Mobile Applications or Apps are very common things now. Pretty much everyone has a smart device whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet computer which uses apps in some form. There are three main app shops the Apple AppStore, Google playStore and then the windows app store all depending on which device you have.

We can use web technologies to build apps that can go in any app store and work like a native app using all of the built in technologies like the camera, GPS etc.

An app is a great way to put your content on an extremely popular way of using the internet. You might build a shop app which allows clients to go straight to your shop rather than using a browser to search for it. You might build a game that uses the functionality of the phone to keep people engaged with your brand. There are many opportunitues to take advantage of within the mobile technology world, you just need an idea or a need. Just putting your website in the appstore is not really that necessary or allowed (in the appStore) unless you build in some local functionality for example search for items near me using the devices GPS.  This differenciates the website from the app version of the website - allowing cutomers to more easily search for local items.

There are many things to consider when designing and developing an app, why not let CTRLmedia guide you through the process.