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Video - Motion Graphics

Video is now becoming the best way to engage audiences. With broadband speeds being generally so quick it is very easy to add videos and stream them without buffering and delays.

Videos can be used on all social media platforms now from Facebook to Instagram meaning that you can connect to everyone.

Videos can be used virally on youTube or as ads on Facebook or as homepage brand stories, but videos can be used for much more - testimonials, education, product demonstrations, case studies, event videos and much more.

You can now have live streams meaning people can interact with you instantly and be a part of your brand.

There are also lots of fancy stats that say how popular video has become and how important it will become in the future.

Video can increase conversion by 80%
YouTube reports that video consumption increases 100% each year
87% of online marketers use video content
90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process
92% of video consumers share videos with others
75% of execs watch work related videos at least once a week

Hubspot Video Marketing Stats

CTRLmedia are well equipped to film, even in front of green screen and add motion graphics to enhance your messages.